Why join AGPP?

It is designed for industry-leading distributors, resellers, software developers and system integrators highly qualified in providing intelligent security solutions of Biometric, RFID and HD IP surveillance in targeted vertical markets. The program helps partners build a sustainable business model in a fast-changing environment, where customers require value-added services, focused technical expertise and high levels of satisfaction.


Industry-leading Margins

Because of its high tech intelligent security has a very high profit margin. As the most promising emerging industry, the trend will last for long time in the future.


Marketing System

Anviz issued AGPP to build orderly marketing system, for the purpose of protecting the core benefits of global partners and helping them grow rapidly.


Marketing Campaign Programs

For the marketing campaigns held by Anviz global partners such as trade show, media advertisements etc., Anviz supplies them with a series of financial and personnel support.


Marketing Resources

Anviz is able to offer massive marketing resources including demo kit, brochures, poster, exhibition, and souvenir to help global partners successfully and conveniently operate marketing campaigns.


Partner Technical Support

Anviz supplies prior, professional and timely technical support to global partners through email, phone, remote desktop, instant messenger etc.


Training Provided

Anviz global partners are entitled to acquire abundant training opportunities such as self – learning, online training, on-site training etc. in Anviz College.


Training Provided

Anviz global staffs focus on every details of the service provided by them, only in order to supply all-round professional service for global partners.

Long term

Cooperation and Share

Join AGPP to start formal cooperation with Anviz, enjoy the long term and high speed growth brought to your business.

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