Anviz Authorized Service Center (AASC)

As an Anviz Authorized Service Center (AASC), the AGPP program works closely with service centers around the globe to provide training and technical support for their staff, and create a lucrative business model for the company. As a service center, you benefit from the large demand of Anviz sales in your region. Our service centers offer warrantee support, maintenance, returns, training, and technical support to the millions of satisfied Anviz customers.


When your service center becomes certified as an AASC, you immediately gain access to the large Anviz customer base. Our service center solution gives you industry leading profit margins and the benefits specifically tailored to meet the demands, and help the development of our global service center network.

Why Join the Anviz AGPP?

Anviz is a global leader in the intelligent security industry. With a global reach of partners in over 100 countries, we also have our local roots with office in the U.S., U.K., China, Argentina and Brazil. This means larger distribution and brand awareness with localized support and market knowledge to better position Anviz products in the markets we serve.

At Anviz, we always believe the keys to a successful partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship. We go the extra mile to support you in your markets and listen to each partner’s needs.

The AGPP program is more than a sales channel, it is a two way dialog for us to understand the needs of our partners in their unique individual markets. By listening to our partners we are better able to promote and support you with truly innovative marketing programs and product designs, specifically formulated to meet the rigorous demands of your local market.


Become an AGPP Partner

If you wish to explore the possibility of a mutually beneficial partnership, please click here or simply email us at and one of our helpful team members will assist you in the process.

If you are an existing Anviz customer and would like to take the relationship to the next level, please contact your Anviz sales representative and they will be happy to assist you.

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