A-PoE-PD512POE Splitter

A-PoE-PD512 splitter is an IEEE 802.3af standards-based remote powered device with resonable price, high performance and high reliability. It is used to split the electric power and data signal which transmitted through network cable.
A-PoE-PD512 supporting the use of power sourcing equipment(PSE) compliant with IEEE802.3af standard, to provide both data and power for those network equipments which nor support PoE.


> Support IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard
Support 10/100M high spped data transmission
Auro-inducting the power
Support DC36V-57V power input satisfying different application environments
Support output DC5V and DC12V simultaneously for different needs


LEDInput and Output LED Indicators
Temperature-10-60 ℃
Maximum Humidity 85%
Applicable SituationPower over Ethemet


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