Anviz Global Provides Nation-wide Solutions For Uruguay Company, Conaprole(OA1000)

Uruguay, 2014

Anviz Global and Aliar11 Accepted Conaprole's Challenge
The research and development department at Anviz Global has partnered with Aliar11 to design and implement a fully-customized biometric-based, time-attendance system to meet the needs of their latest partners, Conaprole. Anviz enthusiastically accepted the challenge of supplying Conaprole, one of Uruguay's biggest and most internationally-recognized dairy producers.

Installation site:
All of Conaprole's manufacturing and office facilities across all of Uruguay.

Project Background:
After one year of cooperation, the project has been qualified as a complete success. Anviz's OA1000II terminal has been installed in 40 locations. The system has been operational since May of this year.

Project Requirements vs. Anviz Solutions:
1) User-friendly biometric technology.
2) High-quality and reliable hardware which is capable of handling a high volume of employees.
3) Sophisticated firmware capable of handling complex time-attendance functions
4) Highly compatible software that integrates easily with Conaprole's unique time-attendance database
5) External project hardware integration.
6) Durable casing that includes mini-UPS and converters.


Anviz's State-of-the-Art Solution for Conaprole:
1) Advanced BioNano algorithm
2) Fully-sealed water-proof and dust-proof outer casing and sensor.
3) Durable outer casing
4) Anviz's customized firmware
5) Anviz's easily adapted software to meet Caniprole's needs

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