Proximity Card Time Attendance and Access Control System(OC500)

Macedonia, 2013

Anviz has provided Macedonia Customs with Bio-office OC500 proximity card time attendance and access control system with management software. The access control system and time & attendance system con


Installation Site: Macedonia Customs
Brief introduction:
The access control system and time & attendance system consists of a total of 130 readers (Bio-office OC500) on 65 doors equipped with electrical strike, supplied by power supply with backup battery. System is design for multi-side position connected with TCP/IP connection.
Hardware: Proximity card time attendance and access control OC500
Feature: RFID standard, optional Mifare and HID, Direct lock control Timezone access control, Short message, Work code, Mini USB, RS485,TCP/IP, Wiegand input/output
Time Attendance and access control software
Project Requirement >>
1) Full IP based unit with Mifare card
2) One combined system to be used for multiple purposes such as access control and time attendance
3) One simple and cost effective product with direct lock control
4) Different time zone for access control (Managers can access all time while employees can access during their working hours only.)
5) Work code function for salary calculation
6) Various reports
7) Backup battery available
Solutions >>
Anviz has provided a system including ANVIZ Mifare time attendance and access control OC500 and management software
1) Mifare card reader for all existing Mifare card in customs
2) With TCP/IP function, all units can be connected in one network
3) It has the time zone function to cater for users of different access levels
4) Direct lock control for easy connection with electric locks
5) Work code function for staff who do different jobs in customs
6) Providing management time attendance software, it is able to create multi-purpose reports based on attendance information
Anviz core partner in Macedonia, installed all the units and made the training for customs employees in a professional manner. Clients were very satisfied with ANVIZ product function and quality, as well as the training, installation and support provided by Sectron Macedonia. Sectron Macedonia is office of SECTRON security & communication systems Ltd. Established in 1990, Sectron was one of the first companies in Bulgaria who design and deliver security and communication systems. In the 18 years of its existence, Sectron has firmly established itself as a leader in the distribution of security products and provision of turn-key project solutions on the Bulgarian market.