ANVIZ T60 for CBD Office from Barcelona Spain

Spain, 2013

Anviz T60 was chosen to provide a presence/access control with Ethernet communications. Installed inside the office and connected to an electric lock to allow only authorized persons to enter and...

Moreover, Anviz Argentina new office is located in the 6th floor of this building. We warmly welcome Anviz clients have a visiting to Anviz Argentina Office together with the case study there.

Installation Site: CBD Office from Barcelona Spain

Brief introduction:
Due to the need to improve the security of a offices building, allowing the employers to get in and out during they working period of time without using the main door's key and record their working hours. They decided to install a control presence/access system in the main door.


Hardware: Anviz professional access control andtime attendance T60
Compact design
Multinational language
Fingerprint, RFID, Password
Direct Lock control
Timezone access control
Mini USB, RS485, TCP/IP, Wiegand input/output
Software: Time attendance and access control software of Anviz

- Controlling the opening of the door only to authorized registered persons within a period. After the working hours a key will be needed. 
- Ability to read fingerprints and optionally cards for special cases in which the finger is not possible. 
- Presence control with reports of hours worked. 
- Ability to provide custom reports. 
- Improve the security in a simple way.

Anviz T60 was chosen to provide a presence/access control with Ethernet communications. Installed inside the office and connected to an electric lock to allow only authorized persons to enter and leave the office without using the key. It also provides a basic time control in order to detect absences and counting the hours worked. The use of this solution has improved the building security, allowing the personal of security do other tasks than controlling the door all the time.