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Previous Webinars

Recorded Webinar sessions below, are the leading resource for you to learn about knowledge in security industry, and it is also a convenient and cost-effective way to keep you on top of the rapidly evolving industry from your convenience. Simply click on the links below to view the previous Webinars hosted by Anviz.

  • Dec 18 2014Lesson15: M5+SAC844+Lock
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    1. Wiring diagram 2. How to make Fingerprint/Card work.
  • Nov 25 2014Lesson14: FAQ(OCT 2014) Solution
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    •Is there driver for device when use in MAC system? •Why the user register in the device can not open the door? •Device time issue •Why device can not find USB flash drive? •Forget device password •Why the device can not read the fingerprint ? •VF30 keypad flash •After plug device to pc via USB, prompt message “can not recognize the USB device”. •How to set the device back to factory default? •OA1000 SQLITE_MISUSE Error
  • Sep 25 2014M5 Outdoor Fingerprint & Card Reader/Controller
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    •M5 Specification
    •M5 Features
    •M5 Connection Diagram
    •M5 Operation Guide
  • Aug 27 2014The Hardware Operation of Anviz Access Control and Time Attendance
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Billy Guo
    • How to add or delete the user or admin
    • Basic device setup guidance
    • Instruction on downloading/updolading records through USB flash
    • How to check system information
  • Dec 23 2013Lesson11:Anviz Product Remote Connection
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Justin Wang
    1. How to aceess to device under LAN
    2. How to access to device under WAN
    3. How to access to device with GPRS
    4. How to access to device with WIFI
  • Dec 05 2013Lesson10:Anviz One SAC844 Real Project's Analysis
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Lisa Zhao
    1.2.Software:SAC844 Software
    1.3.Features: Fingerprint+Card+Password, TCP/IP, Wiegand Input & Output
    2.Project Requirements
    2.1.Friendly Biometric Technology
    2.2.High Quality and Reliable Hardware Welll Protected
    2.3.Special Firmware Requirement
    3.Anviz State-of-Art Solution
    3.1.Anviz Advanced BioNANO Algorithm with Advanced Full sealed, Waterproof and Dustproof AFOS Fingerprint Sensor
    3.2.Anviz Professional Access Control Devices
    3.3.Anviz Strong R&D Team and Technical Support
  • Nov 28 2013Lesson9:Anviz New Product - Facepass Pro
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Justin Wang
    1.Facepass Pro Algorithm.
    2.Basic Working Theory.
    5.Installation and Dimension.
    6.Network Topology Illustration.
    7.Wire Connecting Diagram.
    8.Firmware Upgarde.
  • Oct 24 2013Lesson8:Anviz Controller SAC844
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Oliver Hwang
    •What is SAC System
    •SAC844 Specification
    •SAC844 Features
    •SAC844 Connection Port
    •SAC844 Function
    •SAC System Components
    •SAC System Connecting Diagram
    •SAC System Application scene
  • Oct 17 2013Lesson7:New software Crosschex
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Lisa Zhao
    •What is AIM CrossChex
    •AIM CrossChex's functions
    •AIM CrossChex's classification
    •Department and staff management
    •Working shift management
    •Access Control management
    •Multiple reports export
  • Sep 12 2013Lesson6: FAQ Analysis Process
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Justin Wang
    •FAQ Analysis Progress
    •Boot failure fault
    •Display fault
    •Register and comparasion fault
    •Communication failure
    •RMA and how to support from our website.
  • Sep 05 2013Lesson5: SDK Using Guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Lisa Zhao
    •Definition of Embedded system
    •Applications of Embedded system
    •Interface types
    •Communication process between device and pc
    •Definition of SDK
    •Relation of SDK,API and DLL
    •API example:CKT_GetDeviceInfo
  • Aug 29 2013Lesson4: Access Control Solutions
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Oliver Hwang
    •Access Control Application Area
    •Access Control System Block Diagram
    •Access Control System Components
    •Controller Communication Unit
    •Manage and Set Unit
    •E-Lock Basic Working Theory
    •How to Realise Anti-Pass Function
    •Interim Signal Module
    •Case Study
    •"All in one card" Block Diagram
    •"All in one card" Components
  • Aug 23 2013Lesson3: GPRS Application
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Justin Wang
    • What is GPRS
    • GPRS Application area
    • How to install GPRS MODEL in T60
    • How to SET GPRS MODEL in T60
    • NAT Setting in Router
  • Jul 25 2013Lesson1: VF30 pre-sales and after-sales' main issues
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Oliver Hwang
    • The VF30 core technical superiority
    • The VF30 testing signal flow graph
    • What's the BioNANO algorithm
    • How to replace the card reading module
    • How to wire the standalone access control
    • How to execute WAN remote control
    • How to execute unified records management
    • VF30 successful application case
  • Jul 24 2013Lesson2: PoE Technology and Anviz Product A-PoE-PD512
  • PowerPoint
  • Length:30 Minutes
    Speakers:Lisa Zhao
    • What is PoE Technology?
    • Power Supply System of PoE
    • Industry Standard
    • POE Working Theory
    • Using Environment
    • Wire Connection Diagram
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